Player Settings

To edit a video, simply click on it's name, which will bring up the edit screen.

Video settings screen

There are many settings you can change for each video. Let's go thorugh the things you can do here.

Renaming a video

Add names to your videos and keep your video library organised. To name a video, click the Rename button and enter a name for this video. Click OK to close the dialog window.

rename video

Hiding player controls

Sometimes you don't want viewers to be able to skip forward or see the length of your video, which is why KrunchLabs lets you hide player controls easily.

There are two controls: big play button and player control bar. When the control bar is hidden, viewers cannot skip ahead or see how long the videos is. The big play button appears before a video is started and you can choose to hide it as well.

show/hide video controls

Custom poster image

Poster image is the image that appears before a video is started. KrunchLabs generates a poster image automatically, however you can also upload a custom poster image.

Click "Select a custom image" which will bring up the file browser. Simply browse to an image file on your computer and click ok. The image will be uploaded and your changes will take effect as soon as the save button is clicked.

custom poster image

Resizing the video player

By default your videos will scale to match the width of your web page or parent element. This setting allows you to limit the maximum width of an embedded video.

Simply enter your desired width in pixels and save your changes.

Enabling autoplay

If you want your video to start playing automatically once the page is loaded, tick the checkbox next to "Start playback automatically".

When enabling this feature, you can choose to enable autoplay on each page load, or just the first time somebody visits your page. This is called KrunchLabs' Smart Autoplay

autoplay options

Adding calls to action

A Call to Action (known as CTA) is a line of text at the end of your video that prompts your viewers to take some kind of action.

To add a CTA to your video, enter your text that will be displayed along with a website URL where you want to take people when they click on your CTA.

enabling call to action

Showing page content on timer

If you have a video sales letter and you don't want viewers to see the order button immediately, Timed Content option lets you show and hide any HTML at set times throughout the video.

timed content

In this example the order link will be shown at the 10 second mark and hidden at the 60 second mark. By unchecking the Hide option, you can elect to keep the content visible after it's revealed. Your timed content will be displayed under the video.