Embedding Videos

Embedding videos on your website with KrunchLabs is copy & paste simple. Hover your mouse over any video and click the Embed link.

Video embed screen

The basic method for embedding videos on your website consists of opening up your html or php file in a text editor and inserting KrunchLabs embed code.

You'll find more detailed instructions below.

WordPress Embed

You'll first need to install our WordPress plugin. In your WordPress admin panel navigate to the Plugins menu and click "Add New". Enter "krunchlabs" as the search term.

Search for KrunchLabs plugin

You should see KrunchLabs Video for WP plugin listed here. Click "Install Now" to install the plugin.

Search for KrunchLabs plugin

Once the plugin is installed, click "Activate Plugin" to activate it.

Activate plugin

That is it. You can now use the video shortcode in a your posts and pages. To do that, select WordPress Embed option in KrunchLabs video embed screen.

Get shortcode

Copy & paste the given shortcode in your post where you want it to appear.

Paste shortcode

Your video will now appear inside the post.

cPanel Embed

If your hosting has cPanel, you can use it to easily add KrunchLabs videos to your webpages.

Start by opening the file manager.

cPanel file manager

If a directory selection window pops up, select the Document Root option and choose your domain name from the dropdown menu.

select directory

Navigate to the file where you want to add the video. Click on the file name to highlight it and open Code Editor from the top menu bar.

code editor

Paste the KrunchLabs embed code right where you want the video to be.

paste embed code

Once the file has been saved, your video should appear on your webpage.

Tip: In the embed settings click "Get Help" and we'll set your videos up for you free of charge.