Video Analytics

KrunchLabs offers detailed video analytics for each of your videos. Lets take a look at some of the data KrunchLabs will be collecting for you.

Trends in the last 30 days

This screen lets you see the number of impressions and views for all your videos combined.

Video trends in the last 30 days

Our No-Shutdown Guarantee

We promise to keep your videos running even if you go over the monthly view limit. You don't need to worry about losing viewers when your website gets an unexpected influx of traffic.

Analytics for each video

By clicking on the "Stats" button, you can see KrunchLabs data for each video.

Video embed screen

Here's the data you can see for each individual video:

  • Impressions - number of times page with your video has been loaded
  • View count - number of visitors who played the video
  • Playback rate - the percentage of visitors who started the video
  • Average playback - the average time this video was watched
  • Completion rate - the precentage of viewers who watched till the end

Engagement graph

This lets you see if parts of your video are fast forwarded or rewatched.

Playback statistics

Shows the impression and view count of your video over time.