More Than a Web Video Player

Designed for marketers and online businesses, KrunchLabs is packed with marketing features, yet easy-to-use at the same time...

Automatic video encoding

Automatic video processing

No more hassle with encoding formats

Publish videos in minutes - select any video file and KrunchLabs will take care of uploading, converting and streaming it for you.

  • Ultrafast push-button video uploads
  • Crisp and clear HD videos for desktops & mobiles
  • True video streaming (not progressive download)

Powerful video player

Finally, a player that's built for conversions

KrunchLabs video player is created to load quickly and get your videos noticed.

  • Distraction-free video playback
  • Built-in social sharing buttons
  • No annoying ads or third party-branding
KrunchLabs video player
Video protection

Video file protection

Prevent unwanted video downloads

If you're selling any kind of video content you know how important it is to protect it. KunchLabs locks down your files making it hard for rouge customers to download and share them.

Profitable video analytics

Playback analytics

Playback analytics

See at a glance when your videos are loaded and viewed.

Engagement analytics

Pinpoint exactly where viewers are leaving your video or skipping forward.

Video metrics

Get your video's playback rate, average viewing time and completion rate.

See the video player in action

Web video before and after KrunchLabs

  • Huge learning curve

    Having to edit code and manually customize the video player sucks.
  • No idea what works

    Traditional web video players offer no way to track your videos.
  • Lost customers

    If your videos are not working on mobile devices, you could be losing business.
  • Point-and-click easy

    Grab your video, flip some switches and you're up and running.
  • Instant insider knowledge

    With KrunchLabs you know which videos are watched and for how long.
  • More sales

    Use the built-in marketing tools get more views, leads and customers.

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