How KrunchLabs Will Help Your Business


Use web video without the hassle

Traditionally, marketers either had to use an ad-supported video host like YouTube, or figure out all the techie stuff themselves. KrunchLabs makes it easy for everybody.


Increase engagement & conversions

KrunchLabs video player is made for business. There are NO ads, NO branding and NO distractions. In short, there's nothing to hurt sales.


Protect your video content

KrunchLabs utilizes dynamic streaming, which automatically adjusts playback quality, and makes it hard for people to download your video files.


See what's working

With KrunchLabs you're also getting a powerful analytics platform that tells you when videos are watched, skipped or fast-forwarded.


Never worry about the technology again

KrunchLabs is a managed web video service where we take care of all the technology for you, so you can sleep easy and spend your time on the fun stuff.

KrunchLabs can be used to...

Embed videos on any website

If you're looking for an easy way to add videos to your own or your client's website (if you're selling services), KrunchLabs is the right tool for you.

Add videos to a blog

KrunchLabs WordPress plugin enables you to post videos on your blog using simple copy & paste shortcodes.

Protect member-only videos

if you run a membership website and don't want customers downloading and sharing your video content, KrunchLabs is for you.

Promote network marketing

So you've invested in top notch videos and don't want others re-using your hard work? KrunchLabs helps you with that as well.

Track sales videos

KrunchLabs lets you see if your sales videos are getting clicked, watched or simply fast-forwarded. This helps you improve conversions.

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